Carlos Neves Guillen


Carlos Neves

Carlos first attained a Mechanical Engineering cum-laud degree at Universidad Simon Bolivar, in Caracas, Venezuela. He continued his academic path in Sweden by completing the MSc. in Aerospace Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Carlos has worked in different research groups where he has written his theses and led projects in the aerodynamics of aircraft and road vehicles. At Universidad Simon Bolivar, he was a research assistant in numerical aerodynamics to develop numerical methodologies to study the aerodynamics and flight mechanics during stall of wings and aircraft in dynamic ground effect using the unsteady vortex-lattice method. At KTH, he was intensely involved in the aerodynamics team of the Green Raven project at KTH Aero where he led projects on flow control to improve the aerodynamics of blended-wing-body aircraft at high angles of attack using aerodynamically shaped vortex generators and bioinspired wing designs. Carlos also belonged to the CFD group of the KTH Formula Student team at KTH and served as a teaching assistant in transonic and supersonic aircraft where he researched the transonic buffet of wings using LES. Currently, Carlos is an MSCA Ph.D. Fellow at TRACES where he’s working on the DR research project on the robust design of a multi-level ice detection system for rotorcraft and propellers.