TRACES | TRAining the next generation iCE researcherS

First Training School

TU Darmstadt, March 04-08, 2024


Here is the exciting agenda for the First Training School week:

Technical lectures

Experts from academia, industry, and certifying agencies will hold advanced training on in-flight icing to provide the doctoral students of TRACES with the best background to achieve the goal of their cutting-edge research projects. 

The technical lectures in green in the agenda are public and will be streamed through Zoom; links are available in this document:


Presentation of Research Projects

On Monday and Tuesday, each doctoral student will present her/his research plan to the whole network. TRACES partners and doctoral researchers are welcome to share their feedback about the research plan.

Social events 

Guided tours in Mathildenhöhe and Glückert Haus Darmstadt.

Visit to EUMETSAT, the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space.

Tour to the laboratories of the SLA Institute and the August Euler airfield.

How to reach us

The lectures will be held in the Room 100-101 in the Building L2/06, in Campus Lichtwiese of TU Darmstadt.
This document gives precise information on how to reach the city from the airport, the campus, and the building.

How To Reach 1TS

Participants are recommended to buy a one-week ticket for public transportation because it is cheaper than buying single tickets, especially considering that we will also use public buses and trams for social events. You can buy it at this link.