Alessandro Franceschini


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Alessandro Franceschini comes from Milan, Italy. He pursued a BSc in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a specialization in turbomachinery and internal combustion engines. The program ended up with a thesis project on FEA of a lumbar prosthesis, carried out in the industry. Then he got the MSc degree in Aeronautical engineering, aerodynamics track, at Politecnico di Milano as well. Course projects provided him the possibility to develop a great passion for CFD and aerothermodynamics of hypersonic flows. The thesis work focused on adaptive simulations of cylindrical converging shock waves, typical of the implosion problem, in non-ideal gases. Such work has been presented at the NICFD conference held in London in 2022, and lately published in the ERCOFTAC book series. He worked in the last year as process engineer, carrying out numerical simulations within the Oil and gas sector. Now, Alessandro is a PhD fellow within the TRACES network, with the role of DR6. His research focuses on the modeling of heat and mass transfer occurring over heated evaporating liquid films.