TRACES | TRAining the next generation iCE researcherS

Pavlos Stratakos

Pavlos Stratakos

Experimental study of the initial phase of ice crystal accretion

WP1, WP2

Gross Salary

A monthly amount of 3,911.60 € will be provided by the Research Executive Agency. This sum is made up of the monthly Living Allowance in the amount of 3,311.60 € which already includes the country coefficient specified by the European Commission and the Mobility Allowance of 600.00 €. Moreover, a family allowance of 660.00 € is provided if the recruited doctoral candidate has or acquires family obligations during the action duration. This monthly amount corresponds to the budgetary burden for the employment of the EU researcher and equals the gross salary (i.e. before any deductions, such as health insurance, social security, taxes…) for the activities to be remunerated.  Depending on the status of the DR deductions are usually below 20% in Italy.

Individual Research Committee

Host Institution

Technische Universtät Braunschweig

Giuseppe Rosi

Joint Institution

Office National d’Etudes et de Researches Aérospatiales

Industrial Secondment

General Electric Deutschland Holding Gmbh


Safran Aerotechnics SAO-DSFF


TRACES | TRAining the next generation iCE researcherS